"There is nothing as wild as this book.
Compare this to old POPEYE cartoons, BETTY BOOP, OUT OF THE INKWELL, DR. SEUSS and KRAZY KAT!!!
I'm awful fond of it."
– Larry Marder

"The kind of science fiction/fantasy that comics seldom venture into. Mars is an original work, just as complex as the best selling mass market science fiction novels."
– T. E. Pouncey

"Just full of wonder and wonderment." – Joe Sarno

"How you got away with that terrific art style in this age of boring comics is beyond me." – Jamie Hernandez

There is a great evil infesting the planet Mars.
And all that stands between it and the survival of the handful of remaining humans is the brilliant and beautiful Morgana Trace. Can she solve the mysteries of Mars before mankind is completely destroyed? A thoughtful science fiction action story told in a bold, unique style by two highly
honored and multiple award winning creators,
Mark Wheatley and Marc Hempel.

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