Baltimore, MD - Liberty Meadows is making the jump to comic books! On December 30, 2001, Liberty Meadows bows out as a comic strip with a big cliffhanger ending encompassing Brandy's wedding.

As all Liberty Meadows readers know, the story has long centered around veterinarian Frank and his seemingly unrequited deep, abiding,
turn-to-stone love for animal psychologist Brandy. All through December, the story will lead up to Brandy accepting a marriage proposal from someone other than Frank … and then the strip will end on a major cliffhanger in the very last installment!

"But fear not, my faithful fans," said Liberty Meadows creator Frank Cho. "Liberty Meadows lives! It lives, I tell you! Liberty Meadows the comic strip will transform itself into Liberty Meadows - the comic book. Okay, I'll be the first to admit that there's already a comic book called Liberty Meadows. Hey, we publish it, so I know all about it. (Trust me on this one.) From the sales, it seems clear that a lot of you know about it, too. Well, relax, the comic book version isn't going anywhere In fact, it's getting better!"

To find out what happens on Brandy's wedding day, millions of newspaper and internet readers will be directed to the conclusion of the
cliffhanger that can be found only in the Liberty Meadows Wedding Album, which in turn will be found only in comic shops! Published outside the continuity of the regular comic book series, the Liberty Meadows Wedding Album will contain this brand new story. Solicited in PREVIEWS and other distributor November catalogs for January publication.

"The Liberty Meadows comic book was born from overwhelming demand for a collected edition of the strip. As each issue continues to climb in sales, it became obvious that readers really cared about Brandy, Frank, Oscar, Dean and the rest of the gang," said Insight's Mark Wheatley. "With the cooperation of Creators Syndicate, we're going to be doing some extraordinary things to promote the comic book - and comic shops - to the strip's avid readership."

More details on promotions for the Liberty Meadows Wedding Album will be forthcoming.

LIBERTY MEADOWS WEDDING ALBUM will be 32 pages for $2.95 at stores or $4.00 plus postage through the mail. AVAILABLE IN JANUARY 2002!

your LIBERTY MEADOWS comic book will be mailed in a protective envelope with a backing board

Please allow six weeks for delivery from the date your order is shipped


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