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Ripped from the Police Files of Monstros City, the most amazing story of crime ever told! In a city where MONSTERS live and MOBSTERS rule, a mad scientist built a better mobster -- the FRANKENSTEIN MOBSTER! Seeking the lost shreds of his life among the living, fighting for justice for monsters, his only advantage is that he is a MADE MAN!

Terry Todd was a good cop and he tried to be a good father. He named his daughter Terri and his dedication inspired her to also become a Police Detective. But after he died, he became a monster with a body patched together from three ruthless mobsters. Now he fights for inner control against their evil souls in a conflict that could take this corrupt, haunted city and dump it deeper into hell. Unless his daughter stops him first.

This is a critically acclaimed epic story of monsters and mobsters, corrupt police and crumbling tombs. In one 36 hour period, Monstros City will be ripped apart by gang warfare, and rioting monsters. It will be snared in dirty politics and dark magic spells. And for the first time a stitched-together creature called the Frankenstein Mobster stalks the streets seeking a deadly justice.

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Designed by Mark Wheatley and Rand Arrington